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5 August 1987
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I am not terribly wonderful at describing myself...

I am a college student, and I love British and fantasy literature, although the two usually cross paths with each other. As far as school goes, I have a minor in British literature, and I am about to start information technology this semester. My hobbies include reading, going online, going on adventures, dolls, and photography (although I only started that recently). I mainly like taking pictures of flowers, animals, and dolls; the link to my flickr page is below. Fashion is also something I really enjoy. I also really love Greek mythology, but I'm started to get more into Norse myth bit by bit.

This journal was only started fairly recently, and I'm not sure quite yet what it will evolve into. I am willing to talk to nearly anyone online, but if you're not someone I know in person, let me know in a message why you're adding me and how you found me. :) Also, sometimes I like being facetious and sarcastic when I write, so don't take somethings I might write too seriously.

I tend to be a chronic right-click saver when it comes to pictures and icons. If one of my icons is made by you, let me know so that I can credit it to you. :)

Currently, I am one of the maintainers of the LJ community embodiment. Feel free to join if you keep handwritten or art journals, or if you'd simply like to lurk.


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